NOW AVAILABLE! Gregg's new book, OIL PAINTING ESSENTIALS is officially out. You can find it in bookstores across the country and online at Penguin Random House or on

Gregg writes: "In my latest book; Oil Painting Essentials, Mastering Portrait, Still Life, Landscape, Figure, and Interior, I try and reduce the complexities of oil painting to core issues that can be found in all genres. My hope is that by encouraging a multi-subject approach, the book will make the rewards of realistic painting accessible to all levels of painters."




In 1986, Kreutz authored PROBLEM SOLVING FOR OIL PAINTERS, which was published by Watson Guptil, and has been selling steadily ever since. It is now in its fifth printing and can be purchased at bookstores and art stores throughout the country. Order online at Penguin Random House, or on

On Problems Solving for Oil Painters, Gregg Writes:

“The book came about because Don Holden—an editor at Watson Guptil—saw a little workshop class description I had written and contacted me to see if I was interested in doing a book. I mentioned to him during our interview that in working with paintings that were weak or flawed or irresolvable, I often found that certain recurring strategies could help get the paintings on track. He asked me if I could make a list of these strategies, which I did, and pretty soon I got myself a big fat contract. I spent the next year trying to flesh out all my ideas into a full fledged book. Watson Guptil was helpful during this process in that they didn’t intrude much and didn’t try very hard to make me include concepts like “Always keep a trash receptacle near your easel.” I didn’t want typical how-to book ideas. I wanted the book as much as possible to be about universal principles, about the essential abstractions that underlie all good art.”


In addition, Gregg's new ebook, "Life Drawing: Line and Empathy", is now available to download at his Gumroad store



Kreutz has contributed to many publications, including American Artist and Artist International.

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